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Trading Soft Commodities

Smooth commodities embrace sugar, cocoa, espresso, orange juice and cotton.


Individuals have been utilizing sugar for over two thousand years, when it was initially reserved for the very wealthy. At the moment, sugar is among the most closely traded commodities globally.

Sugar commodity contracts expire in March, Might, July and October and a one level motion on a commodity CFD contract is value USD5.60. So if a dealer selected to go lengthy on a single sugar contract, and its worth rose by 25 factors, he would make a revenue of USD140 (USD5.60 per level x 25).


Cocoa was found by the natives of Central America over three thousand years in the past, the place it was a luxurious for the wealthy. At the moment, a lot of the world’s cocoa is grown within the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador and Nigeria. Which means when there’s turmoil in these areas, the worth of cocoa rises because of the anticipated disruption of provide.

Cocoa contracts expire in March, Might, July, September and December. A one level motion in a commodity CFD contract is value USD5.


Espresso was initially found over two thousand years in the past in Ethiopia. From Africa, espresso made its solution to the Center East and into espresso homes, the place it was launched to travellers who unfold its use past the area.

Espresso contracts expire in March, Might, July, September and December. Espresso commodity buying and selling contracts are value USD1.88 per single level motion.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is a brand new commodity on the markets – as orange juice was historically consumed as a recent juice, it had a brief shelf-life and was, consequently, vulnerable to cost shocks resulting from provide disruptions.

Freezing orange juice started within the Nineteen Forties after which turned the business normal, the longer shelf-life turning it right into a tradeable instrument.


Cotton was found over 5 thousand years in the past and was certainly one of America’s first money crops. Cotton is a really influential commodity as a consequence of its wide selection of makes use of and contributes to a big quantity of commodity buying and selling.

Cotton contracts expire in March, Might, July, October and December and a one level contract motion is value USD2.50.

Tips on how to commerce commodities

Commodity buying and selling is often carried out with futures contracts, that are agreements that the commodity can be delivered at a sure time sooner or later at an agreed-upon worth. The amount, high quality, time and place of supply are all standardised elements of the contract; the one variable is the worth.

In contrast to buying and selling shares, which may solely be purchased within the hope that the share worth will rise and the dealer will make a revenue by promoting the shares at a better worth, commodity futures could be brief bought, which means that a dealer could make a revenue in a falling market by promoting a futures contract and shopping for it again at a lower cost.

If a dealer selected to go brief on espresso and the worth fell by 50 factors, he would make a revenue of USD94 (USD1.88 x 50 factors).

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